HF Kids seeks to transform the lives of children and their families into spiritual champions. We strive to provide physical, mental, emotional, and above all spiritual support. We look to discover God's full purpose in our lives, create intentional relationships with God and others, and lay biblical foundations so that children and families can develop healthy lifestyles and characteristics. The objective is that all persons be aware of God through all the ways He makes Himself known, especially through His redeeming love as revealed in Jesus. We commit that all of these qualities, but not limited to them, are deeply rooted in the children. 

Each Sunday morning from 10:45am to noon, our volunteers are committed to showing the love of Jesus to every child who comes through the doors. We do that by actively teaching from God’s Word and demonstrating the love of Jesus. Our goal is for every child to always leave feeling more loved and living more like Jesus than when they came in. 

What to expect

Each Sunday, you will need to check your child into HF Kids. Parents will be asked to check in on the computer and print out a name tag and a claim tag will be given or printed for parents to present at check out. This will include your child’s name as well as information regarding specific allergies. From there you will walk them to their age-specific classroom. When you return at the end of service you will check out your child by checking them out on the computer and then handing the claim tag to the teacher.

Thank you so much for helping us as we strive to make our HF Kids a safe environment for your kids to learn about God.

Every Sunday we start our worship service off with everyone worshipping together in the main sanctuary. We believe there is value in adults and children worshipping, praying, and serving together. Kids will be dismissed after worship to head to HF Kids for their lesson and activities. 

How We Connect

HF Discipleship

Sunday morning at 9:30

HF Kids Church

Sunday Morning at 10:45am

HF Kids

Wednesday at 6:00pm

How We Thrive

We want kids to have a better future, one where three things will happen: wiser choices, stronger relationships, and deeper faith. We accomplish this through utilizing the Orange Strategy. The Church (yellow) + the Home (red) = Orange (Greater Impact). Two combined influences make a GREATER IMPACT than just two influences.

HF Kids is action-packed , with an intentional focus on growing relationships with God. From nursery through 5th grade, there is a place for every child to grow and thrive. We have a place for your family here and your children will love HF Kids! 

HF Kids Ministry handbook

You can read through the HF Kids Ministry Handbook guidelines and procedures by clicking Here.